Monday, August 18, 2014

The Kite

     Flying a kite can be kinda tricky if you've never done it. It usually works better with two people. I used to go to the park and try to fly one. You need the right amount of wind and plenty of string. You'll also need a space clear of trees and power lines or it will just end in disaster. 
If all goes well the kite will dance, spin and loop and it can be beautiful to watch. I was mesmerized. I thought, wouldn't it be fantastic to have the freedom to fly like a kite, but without any strings attached.
     When I was fifteen I was trying to grasp just what the word "freedom" meant. I was without a father and my mother struggled to make ends meet. I ached for something to fill that fatherly void. After getting involved in a relationship for the first time and realizing how temporary connections can be, I fell hard. For years I dabbled in a little of this and a little of that. My mom finally decided to put me in a private Christian school in hopes that it would help me find peace. 
      I built friendships quickly, but one in particular would change my life for good. She was different. It wasn't anything she said in the beginning but she had a peace and joy about her that made me curious. She was like a diamond kite with beautiful streamers attached that twirl from behind. Her presence was graceful and her words were sweet. So I decided to follow her lead. We had long talks and soon I surrendered my life to Christ. From that day forward I was never the same. Christ shone through her and His light drew me to Him.
     He became to me a "father to the fatherless" and together we soar like a kite, that diamond kite. His streamers are strong and never tear. It's not that I never get stuck in a tree, but when I do, He walks by and gently lifts me up and releases me from all the branches. I am free...I am free; not because there are no strings attached, but because his kite line is endless and He is with me wherever I fly.
     By the way, a year before my dad died he gave his life to Christ. We were reunited and we celebrated the grace God had bestowed upon us. His last words to me were "pray for me!" 
     Like me, my dad is a soaring kite; the only difference...his string is a little longer than mine.

                                  "They will soar on wings like eagles." Isaiah 40:31

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